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  •  My 3 "Greatest Hits" Coaching Calls ($847 Value)
  • ​The Road To 1 Million Views ($2,497 Value)
  •  Fans For Life Training ($447 Value)
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"Jon helped me go from Zero to over 26,000 followers... It's climbing by 2,000 fans every week!"
- Victor Little
Internet Entrepreneur
"Because of Facebook Famous, I went from creating my Facebook Page to 8,000 likes in 6 days!"
- Melanie Brasch
Founder, Lead & Enjoy
"Jon helped me gain 1,200,000 views in 3 days. This [viral video] increased my fanbase by 5X."
- Joel Bauer
The Mentor's Mentor
The Underground Secrets To Building
A MASSIVE Social Media Following In Record Time!
Initially, when all of this success started coming my way, my first reaction was to keep everything hush hush. I didn't want other people to figure out how I was building such a massive following and getting this exposure...

But I've gotten to the point where I'm more established now and I've realized that social media is not a zero-sum game. Because a person can follow an unlimited number of people and there are 2.1 billion monthly active users on Facebook™️... If you use my strategies and gain millions of fans, that doesn't prevent me from also having millions of fans.

That's why I decided to create Facebook™️ Famous - it is the most complete system out there for how to generate millions of views and fans on Facebook™️ from scratch!
Take A Look At Just A Handful Of
My Social Media Clients...
The secrets that I reveal in this system took me over 7 years and $7 million dollars to figure out. 

I first started to develop these techniques by promoting viral videos for brands like Disney, CVS, Anheuser-Busch, Energizer, Michelin, Turkish Airlines to name a few.

Then, I went out on my own and really figured out how to do this for myself, without a budget.

There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that this system will save you thousands of dollars and several years learning this the hard way. I've had numerous students (like Leonardo at the bottom of this page) use my strategies to gain over 70,000 fans in less than 2 months (it took me over 1 year to get to that point, before I began testing these techniques!).
MODULE #1 ($97 Value)
The Fundamentals
This module sets the stage for the entire course. If you're absolutely brand new to social media and never could figure out how people are using it to make money, I'll tell you everything you need to know. 
It's really important to me that you succeed and in this module I'll help you really understand what's possible when you have a massive audience on Facebook™️. After watching this section, I think your mind will be racing with ideas and you'll be "chomping at the bit" to get started right away.

Some cool stuff you'll learn:
  •  Why Facebook™️ is the easiest and cheapest platform to grow a large following quickly (I realize there's a lot of chatter about Instagram and YouTube right now. But I'm telling you, there's a reason I chose Facebook™️ first to build my personal brand).
  • ​How you can leverage your success on Facebook™️ and move your audience to other platforms. (Dirty Secret: Because it's easiest to grow on Facebook™️, start there. THEN skyrocket your success on other platforms by driving fans to follow you there as well!)
  • ​Hands down the best performing content for Facebook™️ (and how you can leverage it to spread your message like wildfire!).
  • ​What social media influencers actually do and how they are making so much darn money!
MODULE #2 ($247 Value)
Optimizing Your Facebook™️ Page
In the Optimizing Your Facebook™️ Page module, I literally demonstrate how to setup your Facebook™️ Page from scratch (perfect if you're a total beginner!).
But more important than that, I help you design your Page so that it converts! Because once you start getting your message out to millions of people, you'll want to convert them into fans and start building a connection.

Some cool stuff you'll learn:
  • ​How to create a high converting cover photo so that people take immediate action when they visit your Page.
  • ​Why you must have a Facebook™️ username (and how you can acquire one, even if the one you want is "already taken").
  • ​What you can do to set your existing Facebook™️ Page up for success, if you created one already.
  • ​A free tool that I use to drive thousands of visitors per week from my Facebook™️ Page to my website and Instagram account (Note: This is a "hidden feature" on Facebook™️, but only takes about 5 minutes to setup)
  • ​The "little trick" I use to personally respond to everyone who reaches out to me on Facebook™️ within several minutes (and how they continue to hear from me, even when I'm sleeping).
MODULE #3 ($997 Value)
Content Secrets
The Content Secrets module is an in-depth look at content strategy (it's essentially the follow-up to what you'll learn in Viral Secrets).
You'll uncover how to shape a content strategy that's right for you and your business (if you have one). I'll show you how to build a longterm content strategy so you don't run out of content ideas in the first couple months like most people!

Some cool stuff you'll learn:
  • ​How to avoid the BIGGEST content mistake that people make! (Important: If you're currently making this mistake, you have to stop right away - it is absolutely killing your reach and shareability!).
  • ​The process I used to uncover my content focus (you'll learn how to create content that you love while ensuring it has viral potential).
  • ​What you can do to overcome any fear you might have of being on camera - this is a big hurdle for most people, but it doesn't have to be so hard if you know how to get in the right mindset.
  • ​How to ethically spy on your competition and uncover secret insights about their content strategies.
  • ​The exact cameras, microphones, lenses, softwares, etc. that top content creators rely on to make their videos stand out!
  • ​How to scale the content process quickly so you can cut your content production time down to about 20-40 minutes. (No exaggeration, I would have saved hundreds of hours if I had this info when I started).
  • ​Precisely when and what you should post to maximize reach and capitalize on free viewership!
MODULE #4 ($1,997 Value)
Free Distribution
I'll be honest, the Free Distribution module is the one that I am most proud of! Reason being, I figured out these tactics through blood, sweat, and tears (okay, well maybe not blood... but you get the idea).
When I was $250k in debt and desperate to succeed as an influencer, I was forced to get really creative! I had to find ways to grow an audience quickly and reach millions of people... without a budget. 

It's one thing to pay for promotions or rely on advertising to get seen, but it's an entirely different beast trying to grow organically! Well, I figured it out - to the tune of millions of views and hundreds of thousands of fans (without spending ANY money whatsoever!). 

In this module, I reveal exactly what I did step-by-step and help you create a roadmap to replicate similar success.

Some cool stuff you'll learn:
  • ​The specific moves I made to land the partnership which helped me go from 800 views to 800,000 views in less than 24 hours! (You'll even be getting my "partnership script" so you can start building these relationships right away).
  • ​Facebook's™️ secret feature that will help you gain tens of thousands of fans on auto-pilot. If used properly, this one tactic could get you to 100,000 fans in about a month.
  • ​How I was able to create a "Primetime TV" network in my pocket where up to 85 million people around the world can watch my videos on a weekly basis! (If you want to guarantee that every video you post goes viral, you need this training!).
  • ​What I did to secure collaborations with some of the top influencers on social media (I've made videos with everyone from Logan Paul to Jay Shetty to Lewis Howes and I'll show you how...).
  • ​Everything you should know about the Facebook™️ "partnership hierarchy". Watch this training to learn how to leverage other peoples' followings to grow your audience for FREE!
MODULE #5 ($1,997 Value)
Paid Distribution
In this module, you learn how to guarantee success on Facebook™️ through strategic promotions. Most people don't realize that anyone is able to ethically buy 1,000,000 views if they want.
And I'm 100% serious when I say ethically... In fact, these are the exact methods that celebrities use to make their music videos go viral and that brands use to get their commercials in front of the masses!

So if you have a little money to invest, I'll show you how you can gain over 500,000 fans in 3-4 months. And from there, the world is your oyster - free first-class trips, red carpet invites, brand deals, etc. are all possible!

Some cool stuff you'll learn:
  • ​My "Credibility Attracts Quality" philosophy on growing an audience quickly (and how it will help you take advantage of 80-90% discounts on paid media).
  • ​A step-by-step roadmap to help you gain 1,000,000+ fans! Literally follow my mouse clicks and it's entirely possible to gain 1,000,000 fans in less than 1 year (you won't believe it until you see it!).
  • ​How you can leverage Facebook's™️ Ads Manager to actually "steal" your competitors' fans.
  • ​My guaranteed process to get any one of your videos to over 1,000,000 views! Most students are shocked to learn that you don't have to guess or rely on luck (this is 100% foolproof, which is why I guarantee it down below...)
MODULE #6 ($997 Value)
Proven Revenue Streams
I'm very fortunate to now make 6-figures a year from my social media revenue alone (not including all the free trips and experiences I'm offered)! 
Once I built the audience, I discovered how to leverage it to make a serious living! In the Proven Revenue Streams module, I'll reveal 4 proven monetization streams in-depth. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme and I can't tell you that it's the norm... but it's possible for any one of these revenue streams to be a 6-figure business (myself and other influencer friends have done it!).

Some cool stuff you'll learn:
  • ​How to get brands and advertising agencies to chase you down with 5-figure opportunities... My most ridiculous payday was a $68,000 check from a brand to post a single video (and they came to me!).
  • ​What you need to know about product sales on social media and what you can do to sell products at scale (even if you don't have a product yet).
  • ​How to access a $37 database that you can use to reach marketing contacts at almost any brand in the world. If you're hoping to attend a Warner Brothers movie premiere or fly first-class on JetBlue or stay in a Ritz Carlton for free, I'll show you how to reach the decision maker and what to say to close these types of deals!
  • ​A crazy method my friend used to make $100,000 per month for simply sharing other peoples' content to his fanbase.
You're Also Going To Get These 5 Special Bonuses
So You Can See Fast Results And Monetize Your Following ASAP...
Bonus #1
(Value $397) Included with Facebook™️ Famous FOR FREE
[WEBINAR] How to get 30,000 Raving Fans In 30 Days
The 30,000 Fans In 30 Days bonus is the first thing you're going to want to watch when you get my Facebook™️ Famous system. 

I'll walk you through the entire system and create your action plan for how to gain 30,000 fans in the first 30 days. You'll get 5 critical tasks and if you're able to complete them in 30 days, then hitting the 30,000 fan benchmark is completely attainable (I've had some students double and triple that amount in the first 30 days).

Think about that for a second... Imagine if 30 days from now, one of your friends or perspective clients or family members were to look you up on Facebook™️ and see that 30,000 people follow you. Do you think they'd look at you a little differently or take you a little more seriously? Absolutely! 

When I hit my first 30,000 fans, my friends were in awe and would joke that I'm becoming a celebrity. Now at almost 1,000,000 fans people are recognizing me on the streets! 

Use this bonus to get ramped up quickly!
Bonus #2
(Value $847) Included with Facebook™️ Famous FOR FREE
My 3 "Greatest Hits" Coaching Calls 
There are 100 students that I'm personally coaching right now. Each one of them invested a minimum of $1,500 to jump on webinar with me once a month.

On these private calls, I reveal the most up to date insights and techniques. Most of what is covered is not revealed in the Facebook™️ Famous system and at the end of every call I leave time for Q&A. If you have a question about the Facebook™️ Famous system, chances are one of my coaching clients asked it on a call.

What I did was handpick the 3 "Greatest Hits" Coaching Calls - you'll be getting them as a bonus and can keep your $1,500 in your pocket :)
Bonus #3
(Value $2,497) Included with Facebook™️ Famous FOR FREE
The Road To 1 Million Views
This is probably my favorite bonus and I'm thrilled that I got permission to share it with you! 

One of my private clients, Laurence Lameche, spent a considerable amount of money to hire me as a consultant. His goal was to get over 1,000,000 views on a single video.

Over the course of 6 days, I take you behind-the-scenes and show every mouse click as I make this video into a success! Not only did we break 1,000,000 views, but Laurence landed a TV appearance on London Live because it went viral. He was blown away with the results (and when you see what I did, I think you will be too).
Bonus #4
(Value $447) Included with Facebook™️ Famous FOR FREE
Get Fans For Life
After I hold your hand through the process of gaining millions of views and building a massive fanbase, you'll need to know how to keep those fans engaged and build trust.

I've seen countless influencers let the newfound fame go to their head... When you're getting thousands of messages, comments, and emails per day it's very easy to get overwhelmed. Often times influencers start expecting to receive this praise and take it for granted - don't fall into this trap!

It's important to understand what a privilege it is to have millions of people caring about what you have to say. In the Fans For Life module, I'll show you some highly personal ways of interacting with your followers to cement these relationships for life. They'll be surprised and delighted that you took the time to send a thoughtful reply.

And the best part about the way I teach you to interact is that it's more heartfelt and will actually save you time so that you can connect with more people!

You took the time to build the audience right? Watch this training to find out how to keep it. 
Bonus #5
(Value $147) Included with Facebook™️ Famous FOR FREE
Access to my Private Facebook™️ Group
Finally, when you invest in Facebook™️ Famous today, you are going to gain access to our Private Facebook™️ Group.

Here you can interact with like minded individuals who are right where you are (or a few steps ahead). This group is only accessible by people who already invested in Facebook™️ Famous so everyone in there is on the same page!

Often times I see students bouncing video ideas off of each other, sharing their content for feedback, asking questions about the trainings, etc. I also pop in there frequently to interact with the group and post new cutting-edge strategies once I have time to fully test them.
"As a direct result of Jon Jacques, I went from a few hundred followers on Facebook (mainly friends & family) to over 16,000."
- GianCarlo Lies
Amazon Best-Selling Author
"Jon's Facebook system played a huge role in helping me become a Best-selling author.
- John Fenton
Executive Coach and Amazon Best-Selling Author
"Jon's system helped my video engagement move from 50 views to 15,000 views. It's amazing!"
- Catie Harris
Founder and CEO, Nurse Concierge
 Save $500 Instantly By Getting Facebook Famous Now
When I present my Facebook™️ Famous system at marketing events and live webinars, the investment is $1,497 (for the same package you're going to be getting). Reason being, it's a lot more time consuming to craft the presentation, rehearse, travel, and then speak in front of that audience.

However, because you already invested in my other products, I think it's fair to give you an incentive to pick up Facebook™️ Famous today. Seriously, the only place that I'm offering this special discount is right here on this page! Once you click away, the offer disappears and the price goes up...

It's literally everything you need to gain a massive following and start monetizing that following ASAP! So take advantage of the one-time only investment of $997 by clicking the button below... 
My Unprecedented "1 Year And 1,000,000 View" Money-Back GUARANTEE!
People think I'm crazy for doing this, but let me tell you about my "1 Year And 1,000,000 View" Guarantee...

Here's the deal, take a year to go through my Facebook™️ Famous system and apply all of the principles. If you aren't able to generate at least 1 million views on Facebook™️, as a result of what I teach... Then send me an email with the subject line, "Where are my 1M views?" and a link to your Facebook™️ Page. 

My team will look at the work you've done and tally up the view counts. If, after 1 year, you did all the work and you're as much as 1 view short of 1,000,000 views - we will refund 100% of your money. That's how confident I am that my strategies will help you! 

This is obviously an huge risk on my part because I have no idea what your content will be about or if you can speak on camera. But what I've learned is, anyone can go viral if they have the right strategies. 

Virality can be guaranteed if you have a proven system and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is! Just don't abuse this, it would be silly to intentionally fail so you can get all of my best strategies for free.

This isn't a "get famous" quick type of thing, you do actually have to demonstrate that you put in the work and applied the principles to receive a full refund.
Leonardo went from Zero to "Famous"
in just 1 month!
Imagine If 5 Weeks From Now,
You Had 70,000 Fans Like Leonardo...
Not long ago, Leonardo had no idea who I was! He decided to take a leap of faith and invest in my Facebook™️ Famous system because of a webinar I did.

About 35 days after he picked up the program, he was able to add over 70,000 fans to his Facebook™️ Page. Can you believe that?

All he did was follow the roadmap that I laid out for him... Imagine if you had that roadmap? Imagine if you had a following of over 70,000 people about 1 month from now?
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